5 thoughts on “ Water Map Exhibition ”

  1. you just so have to experience standing in the same space as these moving leaves – setting this exhibition up with my sister was more like a 3 hour meditation – please do her the honour of making it over and be de-LIGHTED. Honeywood Museum is on Carshalton Ponds . While you’re in the area check out MINE gallery & Calladoodles then have a bite to eat in Grazie Mille – that’s what I would do

  2. Wow…beautifully delicate, and I love the lettering (as well as the words)…where is it on display? I wish there was a pic of you so I’d remember meeting you in Orgiva! I’m so bad with names I’m afraid…was it at the Dergah? x

    1. Thank you, mashaa-Allah, it is amazing how lovely all these different leaves all look together. It was at your parent’s house when Mexican Hana was there, I was staying with English Rahmah and had my eight month old daughter with me 🙂

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