Water Map Exhibition

The installation is hanging in Honeywood Museum and will be there until the 8th of October…comments so far:

“Quite delightful!”

“Oh! How lovely!”

5 responses to “Water Map Exhibition”

  1. Hundreds of hand-painted leaves wafting gently in the breeze. Painted at various community events around the London Borough of Sutton.

  2. you just so have to experience standing in the same space as these moving leaves – setting this exhibition up with my sister was more like a 3 hour meditation – please do her the honour of making it over and be de-LIGHTED. Honeywood Museum is on Carshalton Ponds . While you’re in the area check out MINE gallery & Calladoodles then have a bite to eat in Grazie Mille – that’s what I would do

  3. Wow…beautifully delicate, and I love the lettering (as well as the words)…where is it on display? I wish there was a pic of you so I’d remember meeting you in Orgiva! I’m so bad with names I’m afraid…was it at the Dergah? x

    1. Thank you, mashaa-Allah, it is amazing how lovely all these different leaves all look together. It was at your parent’s house when Mexican Hana was there, I was staying with English Rahmah and had my eight month old daughter with me 🙂

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