What is art and how does
Hana Horack-Elyafi’s work resonate in the field?
Introduction by Athar Yarwar PhD

“Art depicts reality (or a version or fragment of it). But whose reality? In much mediaeval art, reality was divinity, often made manifest through an icon or sacred geometry. For Renaissance artists, the world was flesh. Other artists have exalted the subjective mind, fragments of biography, collisions of clashing perspectives, the behaviour of light

For Hana Horack-Elyafi, reality is divine. Her work depicts a mundane world suffused with the divine presence. This often leads to a playful humour. At other times, the artist is the infinitesimal seeker caught in infinite majesty, stripped to nothing and longing to be at one with everything. Traditional spiritual symbols are used in a heartfelt and personal way: the holy of holies is sent spinning into inner space; calligraphy brushes across the page like dust caught in a shaft of light. Hana seems, to me, to concentrate especially on reproducing qualities of light, or the colours of spiritual experience.

Hana’s work is deft, sincere, and moving. Unusually, perhaps, it can uplift the viewer, and provide—or hint at—a focus for contemplation.”

Hana has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the ING Discerning Eye and her work is in the collection of HRH Prince Charles.

Other comments on the artist’s work:

I had a look at your new website.  It is very impressive.  I now truly realise that I have been in the company of  a distinguished artist.  Anything that comes  from the heart and soul will be of beauty and inspiration to others.  I wish you every success in your future exhibits.  May God continue to inspire and guide you. CS

Just visited your site, I was very happy to see your work. There is an invisible thing in it, a beauty, a spirituality, congratulations! Axel Kirchhoff

Work with integrity. Louise Balaam

Curriculum Vitae

HANA HORACK-ELYAFI 1965   Palestinian, German/Italian. Born in London

1983-86  BSc Hons Social Anthropology & Sociology, University of Ulster at Coleraine

1986-86  MA Islamic Societies & Cultures, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

1988-89  Wimbledon School of Art, Foundation Course

1990-92  MA Art & Architecture, Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury

One Person Shows & Commissions

2023 Ewige Schönheit, Kaffeezeit, Wolfenbüttel. Exhibition of 19 pieces created over a year.

2022 Ewige Schönheit, Kaffeezeit, Wolfenbüttel. Exhibition of 19 pieces created over a year.

2019 The Holy Names of the Prophet (s) felt work installed in CSCA, Centre For Spirituality and Cultural Advancement, Feltham

2019 Ceramic mural at Sutton Women’s Centre, collaboration with Simon Honey and Team Imagineers

2018 Painted windows for the Acute Stroke Unit, St Helier Hospital, collaboration with Simon Honey and Team Imagineers

2018 Ceramic mural in St Helier Hospital, collaboration with Simon Honey and Team Imagineers

2017 The Beautiful Names of God, felt work installed in CSCA, Centre For Spirituality and Cultural Advancement, Feltham

2016 Yogananda, Reigate

2012   Jam Factory, Oxford

2010   Sartoria, Savile Row, London

2010   supperclub, London

2010   Sufi Muslim Council, The Hubb, Plaistow

2010  “The Ninety-nine Beautiful Names” Sutton Community Art in Empty Spaces Project

2007  Die Botschaft der Liebe, Caritas Graz-Seckau, Pfarrheim, Krieglach

2006  St Ruprecht Community Center, Klagenfurt

2006   Stadt Cafe, Ferlach

2006   Seckauberg, Caritas Graz-Seckau

2006   Freie Waldorf Schule, Graz

2006   Stift St Georgen am Längsee

2006   “Die Botschaft der Liebe”, Au Schlößl, Caritas Graz-Seckau

Group Shows

2020 Locals’ Diaries, Honeywood Museum

2019 CAOS, Carshalton Artists Open Studios

2018  CAOS, Carshalton Artists Open Studios

2017 CAOS, Carshalton Artists Open Studios

2013   “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, The Portico Gallery, London

2012  “Snap!” SLWA, Bankside Gallery, London

2011   Art in Woodstock, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

2010  Islington Arts Factory, Summer Salon

2010  Rainbow Lights – lead artist Imagine Arts Festival Sutton

2010  Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

2010  Calligraphy presented to HRH Prince Charles at the Spirituality in Action Day, Manchester

2010  “In the Mix” jgallery, Northampton, Spring Open

2010  “Winter Blues 4” Eggspace, Liverpool

2009  ING Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London

2009  “Concorso 30 x 30” Galleria Poliedro, Trieste

2009  “1st International Ex Libris Competition”, Ex Libris association of Vojvodina, Serbia

2009  Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

2009   “Collettiva Ljubliana”, Galleria Poliedro Collective, at Galerija Laterna, Cnomelj, Ljubliana

2009  “Love”, The Corner Gallery, London

2008-9  “neoespressionismo onirico e surrealismo fantastico”, Museo del Arte e Tradizione Popolari Casa Arta Scuola Civica di Musica di Latina: Rome

2008 Prizewinner: International Painting Competition “Concorso 30×30”, Galleria Poliedro, Trieste

2008  “Water, Beaches & Aquatic Creatures,” The Corner Gallery, London

2008  “The Silk Road”, community art project, led by Samia Tossio for the Sutton Imagine Festival: sponsored by Arts Council of England & Sutton Council

2008  “Angels”, group exhibition, Pancevo, Serbia

2008 Ex Libris exhibition, “Lighthouse”, Historical Archive of Pancevo, Serbia

2007-8  Austrian Art Association Gallery, Klagenfurt, Austria

2007 Representing Austria at the Festival des Beaux Arte Plastique, Monastir, Tunisia

2007  “Engeln”, Group Show – Ferlacher Werkstadt, Town Hall, Ferlach

2007  “Verbreite das Licht”, installation with Silvia Norden, RC Church, Ferlach, Austria

2006  Ferlacher Werkstadt, Town Hall, Ferlach, Austria

2006  Artists’ Symposium, Krumpendorf, Kärntner Caritas Verband, Austria

2006  Artist in Residence, International Malerwoche, Suetschach, Austria

1994  Set Design, Fringe Theater, Hong Kong

1994  “Aids Art”, Cafe 97, Hong Kong

1992  “DIPTIK”, Acte de Naissance (Lille) curated exhibition in France and Belgium

1990 Wimbledon School of Art Centenary Show, Savoy Hotel, London

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