Going up!   Mawlana Shaykh Nazim

Just visited your site, after reading the poem … .
My English is not enough to get the full understanding.
Yet I was very happy to see your works.
There is a invisible thing in it.
A beauty. A spiritual.
In it .. . Gratulation .
God bless you… ARK

Work with integrity. Louise Balaam

Hana Horack-Elyafi is an artist of the dialog. Professor Peter Strasser, University of Graz

Soo schön!  Wie ein Spaziergang durch die Welt der Seelennatur…VK

Well the hard work has certainly paid off, absolutely stunning art, mashaa-Allah! DE

I am amazed by the wonderful style and colour combination, keep up the good work!  NMS

I had a look at your new website.  It is very impressive.  I now truly realise that I have been in the company of  a distinguished artist.  Anything that comes  from the heart and soul will be of beauty and inspiration to others.  I wish you every success in your future exhibits.  May God continue to inspire and guide you. CS

So brilliant and filled with tajalliyat! TJ

I love the simplicity of this work, minimalist, but with a few strokes conveying a multitude! CL

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