Metaverse, a Marvel Villain?

A brief diatribe, not scholarly or thoroughly researched, rather intuitive, Aristotolean natural logic…if there’s a pile of chairs in a room would you believe it got there by acident, in a big chair bang? No. Most of us would ask ourselves, “Who did that?” This is our natural sense of logic.

So what’s the Metaverse? Does the thought of the Metaverse fill your heart with love and light or make you shrink and cringe? I am shrinking and cringing. I can feel my brain dying. Maybe I should get into NFTs so people can buy them to decorate their online homes? But I can’t get over the fact that NFTs are overpriced and have a massive carbon footprint, what is the energy useage of all this crypto stuff?

And the Metaverse? Opium of the masses. We have a great capacity to live in our imagination, after taking one face smoothing selfie I was almost fooled into believing that that’s what I look like. I can still feel that part of me who attached to it. I guess they’ll also invent mirrors that make you look like your MV Avatar, so the dream can continue in real life. I hope it’s not all as bad as I think, but it’s probably even worse!

How will we survive living in the dichotomy of VR idylls and our real life decay?

Someone’s being cheated and it might be us. It feels like there’s a tide of desperation and the Pied Pipers are leading humanity into their cave of desolation singing and dancing all the way, never mind the people who get crushed in the mayhem.

Collage, 2021. Available for sale, not a ridiculous NFT price,
but you’re welcome to pay that much if you prefer.

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