Pretending To Be Permanent

I grew up and missed out on death, I think I was fifteen when the first person that I knew died, but the fear of death was always there, so I always did my best to stick my head in activities that diverted me from the contemplation of the end. The fear is real, even if we believe in life after death. Listen it’s not just “life after death” it’s eternal life, it’s the reality and this is the dream. How did we end up so invested in the illusion of the physical world?

God help Lebanon and the innocent victims of political complacency at the very least and deliberate evil at the worst.

Look death in the eye, because it surely looks you in the eye!

Is it all that bad? Come in please, you’re time is up! Did I use it well? Did I serve my Lord and share goodness?

Some tender shreds of line and whispering passages pass ephemerally across a page. This is a book made from a 6 metre long piece of Chinese rice paper.

Ephemeral line passes across a page.

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