The Phoenix Returns

Call myself a pheonix? Why not? Rebirth and renewal is what we all need right now, we’ve been tested in our patience and endurance with the whole Lockdown scenario, are things going to get better? We hope so and focus on sharing good vibes, love and kindness as well as processing the trauma of our experiences.

And now I am going to share some self-portraits that are growing on me, especially the painting (they don’t have anything to do with processing trauma although I might look a bit pained, it’s just the effect of concentration.) These were painted in Neal Vaughan’s online art club with timed sessions for the drawings, starting with 10 minuts for the brown chalk going down to one minute for the most scribbled one. Finally we had 20 minutes to work on a painted version, as one Instagram viewer commented, “That’s a heap of tonal change to keep in mind!” I think it was a compliment 😉

Working in this way helps to loosen up your creativity and get your “eye in”. I intend to post a video about this too…inspired by Lockdown!

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