Artistic people are female brained by nature, creative, talented

From a letter to the artist: Artistic people are female brained by nature, creative, talented, fertile and inspired and open to inspiration … male brained .. no!

I was sitting upstairs at the dergha in a majlis in Sheikh Nazim’s (q) house about 20 years ago.. your father was there sitting next to Sheikh talking…. M was there, A, D, a few others, and Sheikh smiled at your father and I heard him say … “that is because you have a woman’s brain …” and I was shocked and looked to your father for his response, and he just smiled hugely and was very happy. I thought it was some kind of insult, but then Sheikh went around the room to all the men assembled, and pointed to each saying “him – male brained, him female brained, him …” and so on. and when he came to me he said “him, definitely male brained” … and I thought on it afterwards, and realised that he was pointing out the nature of people, men and woman, can fall into two camps, male brained, or female brained, and all creativity and progress and art in society starts from a female brained person who are open to higher things, and male brained men should look, listen, learn something, and try to support …. but spiritual inspiration comes from somewhere else, and a touch from the hand of Sayyidna Khidr (The Green Man, St. George… whatever ..) and this is very clear in some artists work ..rather than it being just a picture or whatever …

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